Course description

Held outdoors, socially distanced, (weather permitting), under cover, or in a heated studio in groups of one or two participants
or three/four if in the same bubble.
Morning session: Meet at 9 am

First day …

Short introduction to each other and to tools, demonstration of stonecarving. Possibly start by using clay to make a three dimensional model of the desired stone carving ( I have used a photo before but the two dimensional picture is lacking big time)

Dive in and Experiment on a practice block of Stone

Coffee break

Start working on your own block of Stone with an idea of what you want to create.

Light Lunch, bring your favourite food, I will supply tea, coffee and homemade apple juice.

Afternoon session …

Get into.the rhythm of Stone carving.

Experience the satisfaction of being creative and the creative process. Learn the way of interacting with the medium of stone in order to work together with it and the tools……..(I provide tools)

I should say that it’s ideal if you come with an idea in mind of what you want to create, what shape, whether abstract, geometrical or taken from life. A figure, face, an animal, bird,fish,an abstract form or a sphere or bowl, relief,pattern…..

Some sculpture will be there to view and I can help with ideas, but ideally come with some inspiration for a sculpture which is simple and without much detail. The simpler the motif the better the result and the feeling of success will be !

Second day …

Continue stone carving with supervision to realise the three dimensional subject in stone. Get into the flow, enjoy the excitement of seeing the imagined form take Shape.

Lunch break (and an afternoon break later)

Finish the sculpture if it is a simple one. Or finish at home or in a subsequent course. Most participants do finish on the second day. Say goodbye at 4.00pm after a communal assessing of our work so far and reflecting on our experiences.

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