Course dates

Improvers Course/ Extra Courses

Please ring or email me if you’re interested in an IMPROVERS COURSE … Also ring or email me if none of these dates suit you, I may add ANOTHER EXTRA course.

Course in April 2019

Weekend of 6th and 7th April


Weekend of 27th and 28th April

Spaces Available

Courses in May 2019

Weekend of 4th and 5th May

Weekend of 11th and 12th May

Course in June 2019

Weekend of 22nd and 23rd June

Courses in July 2019

Weekend of 6,th  and 7th July

Weekend of 27th and 28th July

Course in August 2019

Weekend of 10th and 11th August

Course in September 2019

Weekend of 7th and 8th September